Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Chef Series Cookware is one of our latest products now available

 You can now cook and prepare all of your latest meals just like a chef. Come check it out and you wont be disappointed.

You can now make casseroles and even bake a cake in a matter of minutes with the Stack Cooker Starter Set.

Don't wait too long on this offer because they wont last long. Guess what you can make a cake and so much more in the microwave. Yes I said it. You can make a cake in the microwave. How cool is that?

Does anyone here ever go to work on an empty stomach because you dont have time to eat breakfast?

Well now you can. You can make and omelet and so much more with the Breakfast maker. Just put your eggs ingredients and what ever you like in the container pop it in the microwave for about a 1:30 and you have a lovely omelette. Hot and ready to be eatin. So now you can save yourself a trip to the donut shop or fast food.

Did you know that you can cook rice and make pasta right in the microwave?

That's right no more messy pans and waiting for water to boil. Just pop it in the microwave and they are ready to serve in a matter of minutes.

Our serving center set is great for parties and especially football games.

 You can set up all of your favorite snacks in each compartment and add your favorite dip to go with it. You can use it or anything you want and each bowl that comes with it has it's on dip compartments. So no more double dippers guys

How cool is this!

Our Chip N Dip system is so cool that they are flying off the market. You place your chips of any kind in the center of the bowl and put in more than one of your favorite dips in as well. Also the dip bowls are adjustable and they can also be placed in the microwave. Comes with a serving tray so it gives you more room to work with. This product is a product that you will love.

Does anyone here want to a cool and refreshing glass of lemon aid on a nice hot summer day?

Well you will enjoy our Impressions pitcher. You can serve your cool drinks for you, your family or guests. It's great for Cookouts and special gatherings. Or you can just enjoy it yourself.

Come check out our famous recipes

You wont be disappointed with the new tastes. Come try it out and enjoy.

Have a nice cold strawberry and banana smoothie with the new Smooth Chopper

You can make smoothies, soups, drinks, dressings and so much more.

You can make all of your special treats soups and so much more with the Quick Chef Pro System

 Come on and start placing your orders now.

Who wants to save money and not throw away your money?

Save you a trip for going to the dollar store when u can wash and reuse your containers from home. Take advantage of this special offer while you can.


Manage your pantry with these space-saving, see-through containers and save time creating your shopping list!

New!!!!!! HELLO KITTY GIRLS LUNCH SET ;))))) by Tupperware! Get your's

New! I'm accepting orders now! Starts Aug 17 :))))))))

A special treat for your kids. Who would like one of these for your kids?

A Sheerly Elegant way to serve drinks.

Back to School Boys & Girls Lunch tote sets!

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